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A Bridal Luncheon

​​Also known as a bridesmaids’ luncheon, a bridal luncheon is an optional daytime celebration for the bride and her attendants (bridesmaids and flower girls). The event is often treated as an opportunity for the bride to thank her bridesmaids for their hard work and support over the course of the wedding planning process.

Roaring 20s

A 1920s-inspired bridal shower with plenty of bubbly would be Gatsby-approved.

A Couple's Shower

​​A couple’s shower is where both partners are in attendance and friends and family from both sides of the aisle also attend.

Arts and Craft Shower

Adding an arts and crafts theme to a bridal shower is perfect if the bride in question is the kind who loves to design her own jewelry, do home canning or crochet adorable sweaters for dogs.

The trick is to keep the crafts interesting and accessible. 

A Bridal/Wedding Shower

​​Traditionally held in honor of the bride with female family members and friends.

With just the girls! Plan for a big pancake breakfast, fresh juice bar, delicious cupcakes.

Types of Wedding Showers you could host here.

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