Friday, May 3, 2019 

7:00 pm
Wayne Miller and his amazing cast will present...
An All-New Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us... 

see if  YOU  will be the one to solve the crime! 

One year ago tonight, at the very stroke of midnight, under a full harvest moon, a fire broke out at the Bates Mansion situated next to the historical cemetery at the edge of town. Witnesses to the fire (the entire cast of suspects) say they saw the mansion spontaneously combust into a terrifying ball of fire and, as it burned, they saw distraught ghost-like beings fly out of every window, wailing in terror. The mansion’s owner, Norman Bates was killed, burned beyond recognition. Lester Danvers, Norman and 2 other men were playing cards at the mansion that night. Only Lester managed to escape even though he suffered severe smoke inhalation and stress-related amnesia because of the fire. The 2 others, like Norman, were burned beyond recognition. Today the Bates mansion still lay in ruin at the top of that hill - an eerie reminder of that tragic night and the curse that seems to hover over this town.
On every full moon since that tragedy, townsfolk swear they smell acrid smoke and hear mournful wailing & moaning. They swear it comes from the direction of the mansion and the graveyard that sits beside the burned ruins. That graveyard is full of alleged witches that were burned at the stake back in the 1600’s. And since the fire, animals have mysteriously disappeared: cows, dogs, chickens – it doesn’t matter, they all disappear. No one understands it but everyone considers their once quaint little town cursed. 

Traditional Mexican Fare

(Buffet Style)
Chips & Salsa
Tacos, Beans and Rice
Mexican Brownies
Tea (sweet and unsweet) and Water
Note: Feel free to bring a bottle of wine/other beverage

(Corkage Fee: $5.00 per bottle)


​​The Historic Lowry House